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Ethan Tech serves as one of the leading digital innovative campaign solutions in Myanmar. We provide our clients with Omni-campaign packages.These packages include call center, SMS, Viber, Chat bot and AR. We arrange a variety mid-range packages to save client’s marketing budget. We always target to help in providing the highest quality solutions in a very simplified way.”
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Required Documents From Business

Documentations promo
Warranty Letter
Service Form
Company Registeration Form
Company Website
Business Logos
Service Contract
Notes :Viber's workweek is Sunday - Thursday. They won't be able to approve new service requests on Friday, these requests will be handled on Sunday and will be available by Monday. Creating a new sender ID usually takes 48 hours from the submission date.

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Key Metric Myanmar


registered users


Interactions every single day

Top 10

Download apps all the time

25~30 Min

Average time spend in app

user age between 18-34
18~32 user
user amount
higher amount of user 18~32 than Twitter,Facebook & snapchat